B.A.N.D. Audio CD Anthology of North Dakota Bluegrass Bands 1985- Present

Featuring 16 selections from these groups:  Light at the River,  Crossroads, Family
Ties, Cotton Wood, The Charley Family, Spiritwood Creek, The Missouri River Boys,
Stoney Run, & Flickertail Holler.

"The quality level of the playing and recording on the North Dakota Bluegrass Band
Sampler is certain to raise the profile of North Dakota Bluegrass."  - Phil Nusbaum,
Bluegrass Saturday Morning.

CD's are $15 plus $2.50 postage & handling.  Email jandrus.60@gmail.com to order -
Allow two weeks for delivery.
Because many B.A.N.D. sanctioned concerts are held at Cross Ranch State Park we offer the following driving directions.

From Washburn
* Just north of Washburn turn south at the junction of US Highway 83 and Highway 200.
* Follow Highway 200 for about 4.4 miles southwest to Hensler; then,

From Hensler
* Just across the railroad tracks west of Hensler turn south on Hensler Road (28th Ave.  SW).
* Drive Hensler Road approximately 5.5 miles south to 16th St. SW and turn east.  
* Drive east 4.4 miles on 16th St. SW to the junction of Highway 1806.
* Turn north on Highway 1806 and proceed about 2 miles to Cross Ranch State Park sign.
* Turn east and drive about 1/4 mile east under the railroad tracks.
Upcoming Events
2015 (Tentative)

January 2-3, 2015
Blue Moon Rising at the 10th annual Blizzard Bluegrass Weekend
at Bismarck State College

June 19-20, 2015  
25th Annual Missouri River Festival at Cross Ranch State Park.
Featuring old friends Special Consensus, The Wood Picks,
and local favorite Cotton Wood.